Water Pollution

From small pieces of garbage to invisible chemicals, a vast range of pollutants end up in the groundwater which is our major source of water consumption! The story is the same at Nizamabad too where fast urbanization is polluting every water bodies.

Air Pollution

In the last few days, the air pollution in Nizamabad district has peaked to a three-year high, resulting in thick smog which has engulfed several parts of the city.

Food Pollution

Food safety is a global issue that has been a major cause of hundreds of diseases. Our markets are filled with adulterated, inorganic and chemical loaded food items that we consume on a daily basis knowingly or unknowingly.

Soil Pollution

Soil Pollution has gradually become a major challenge that we need to overcome for establishing a healthy environment. There is urgency in controlling the soil pollution in order to preserve the soil fertility and increase the productivity.

Digital Pollution

The global digital sector’s carbon emissions are already almost equal to those of the global aviation industry. Manufacturing, use and disposal of our gadgets create increased demand for energy, produce toxic waste and contribute to air pollution.


Social isolation, which happens when a person has little or no contact with others, is a dangerous condition, especially for the young generation. Social isolation can have a profound effect on people’s physical, as well as mental health.

"A community which is collective of spirit, philosophy and similar thoughts and that is inclusive in nature is an aspiration. Organo mentored us to realize this dream."
Dr. Vupparapalli Chandra Sekhar Reddy

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“I couldn’t forget that Sunday when I visited Organo Naandi, where I witnessed community bonding, where the entire Naandi is like an extended family. We wish to nurture the same at Rurban Nest.”

About Organo

Organo was founded by a multi-talented and enthusiastic team of architects & design thinkers ( www.fhdindia.com ) focused on the idea of environmentally conscious living. Organo’s goal is to create an ecosystem of integrated solutions to better the living of all stakeholders to ensure Sama-vridhi.

Organo develops collective farming RURBAN communities focused on holistic sustainable living, where life is a blend of rural experiences and urban conveniences. This is how a new way of living got unfolded at Organo Naandi – India’s First Net-Zero Community. (www.organo.co.in)

“Organo was founded to re-establish a conscientious connection with the way we produce and consume resources as a community. Organo aims to create replicable community development models built on triple bottom line success and net zero thinking. (www.organo.co.in)”

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