Towards a way of Living called RESPONSIBLE LUXURY

Joining hands for a bigger responsibility

Rapid urbanization has led us to live with polluted environments, genetically modified produce and other downsides of densely populated areas, leading to an excessively stressful and unhealthy lifestyle. Lack of access to alternative living spaces is forcing many to continue living the same way despite knowing that it has negative long term effects on our health and well-being. 
Now imagine this, amidst all this, there is an oasis that offers a Rurban living which is an intersection of rural experiences and urban conveniences, while being mindful of our impact on the environment. Does this way of life resonate with you?
Rurban Nest in Nizamabad is a true manifestation of the rurban living concept that focuses on sustainable living in its true form. It bestows a new way of life that is in sync with the ecosystem, where the residents can take part in natural farming and witness the food they eat. 
Rurban Nest is a collective effort by a group of like-minded doctors endeavouring to create a Rurban Eco-habitat in Nizamabad on triple bottom line principles, under the mentorship and guidance of Organo.
Be a part of this rurban living community and experience a life of responsible luxury!

Experience Rurban Living!


    Straight from the heart

    “A community which is collective of spirit, philosophy and similar thoughts and that is inclusive in nature is an aspiration. Organo mentored us to realize this dream.”
    Dr. Vupparapalli Chandra Sekhar Reddy
    M. D(Gen), D. M(Neuro)
    “We welcome like minded individuals who want to live close to nature and be a part of a bigger positive impact to Rurban Nest.”
    Dr. Vupparapalli Pavani
    BPT. Physiotherapy,
    “Rurban Nest will be a community that hosts a responsible living for all generations. “
    Dr. Mittapally Srinivas Reddy
    M. B. B. S, DMRD
    “Our children’s early years were restricted to 4 walls because of our living in the busiest areas of the city. Through Rurban Nest, I am wishing to gift an all-inclusive nature access to my children.”
    Dr. Mittapally Swaroopa Reddy
    B. D. S