The Villas: Living space meets Life space

Spaces have a life of their own. Geopathic stress is one of the causes for inexplicable disorders for the dwellers. Several instruments have been devised by natural scientists and biologists that measure stress within living spaces and the use of these reveal the kind of environment we’re residing in.

Rurban Nest will follow the principles of Saptapatha established at Organo Naandi to ensure the well-being of each and every resident in the community.

From infants to senior citizens, everyone who chooses a responsible lifestyle at Rurban Nest will be the direct beneficiaries of living in spaces that breathe in a new life of holistic health. Let’s welcome life spaces that we consciously choose as our living spaces.


Design your own style statement. Let the interiors of your home reflect your family’s personality. At Rurban Nest, we’ve embarked on a mission to build everything around the residents. So far, we have been designing our lives around the spaces we live in. Now it’s time to reverse the norm.

It’s your time, your space, and your home. It’s your life. Build it the way you want it. If you need anything, we’re here to assist you to make your dream home come alive in the form of brick and mortar.​

Rurban Nest Interior
Rurban Nest Interior

Here’s a blank canvas. Paint it with the colours of your choice. Your home is your space, the cocoon you retreat into to rest, relax, rejuvenate and recharge. Everything here should and must be an extension of who you’re and what you do. What better way to create your own retreat than a shell with the bare essentials?

Disclaimer - Please note that the interiors are not part of the project scope. The above images are meant for reference only.

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“I wish Rurban Nest be that nest that takes care of my retirement life with like minded company and nature to embrace.”
Dr. Kyatham Savitha Rani