A way of life for the passionate
and conscious

Rurban Nest is a collective effort towards creating a rurban eco-habitat in Nizamabad on net-zero and triple bottom line principles under the mentorship and guidance of Organo. Situated 5 km away from Urban Nizamabad near Bardipur village, Rurban Nest aims to be a conscious community and opportunities to work with nature and experience - a combination of urban refinement and rural ethnicity.

9.2 Acres

Total Area


Farm Units


Farming Area

Setting up an ideal Rurban context

Rural ethnicity is the soul of the Rurban living system. Organo believes that villages that have an active agricultural practice with diversified crop plans, villages with a rich and authentic cultural heritage, and inhabitants who contribute to their villages through their respective agri and non-agri skill sets creates a knowledge-sharing ecosystem between Rurban communities and the village around.

Location of Rurban Community is unique. Surrounded by villages like Arepalli, Dharmaram, Bardipur, and Kanjar, each of which is proud of rich farming history, Rurban Nest is going to offer a unique living experience for Nizamabad in the coming years.

The Experience

In the footsteps of the mentor, Rurban Nest's goal is to capture the essence of rural living and combining it with the ways of the modern lifestyle. A balance of life in terms with nature - Rurban Nest community offers a responsible luxury - a unique way of living that Nizamabad appreciates and gets inspired by.

Rurban Nest attempts to be an eco-system where indulging in luxury means connecting with nature - where luxury translates into growing your own food in the most natural means.

The Space

Planned on 9.2 Acres of land near Bardipur village just about 5 km from the center of Nizamabad, Rurban Nest constitutes 22 Nests (Farm Villas) built around an organic farm. Along with all the amenities expected of a modern villa community, around 2 acres is allocated for collective farming - where residents join farmers to farm produce. Area Designated personal farming is being planned as the front and backyards of the villa, where residents can also farm independently.

The Community

Organo Naandi is an aspiring benchmark for Rurban Nest, right from creating a common Rurban living philosophy to identifying like-minded neighbours who echo the belief system and live by it. Under the guidance of Organo, Rurban Nest intends to promote and manifest a spirit of collective living where our members actively participate in events, socialize in designated places and a well designed exploratory path, share their time, knowledge, and expertise for active social enhancement, and the cultural progress of the community.