To pursue sustainability, we have created processes with seven layers or strands which independently and interdependently work together. Food, Water, Air, Earth, Energy, Shelter and People are the central areas that help us think towards a sustainable future.


Creating healthy source of nutrition through food / produce grown using organic farming practices without the need for chemicals.


Employing advanced scientific procedures for conservation and treatment of water and regularly monitoring overall consumption vs production.


Natural Farming practices that also ensure clean and healthy air options. Presence of Herbal plantation that purifies air free from pollution.


Protecting the Earth by preserving soil health, by using organic methods and fertilizers, employing necessary waste management and recycling processes.


Producing all Energy from within the community area through renewable sources like solar energy and a biogas plant, and employing procedures to reduce power consumption.


Creating Shelter within nature while maintaining biodiversity. Open yet personal living spaces and wide communal spaces incorporating comforts of this day and age.


Encouraging a community of People who live together responsibly, share their time, knowledge and expertise towards co-creating and sustaining the environment around them.

Design Thinking behind India's First Net-Zero Community

Eco-Habitat [ ek-oh, ee-koh - hab-i-tat ]