Why Rurban Nest ?

Joining hands for a bigger responsibility

After staying in the bustling city filled with smoke, traffic, pollution for years, we decided to create an ecosystem that produces food and shelter for the residents, without resource depletion.

By adopting accountable, inter-disciplinary measures, we are successfully designing and building an eco-habitat which is ecologically sustainable.

Environmental sustainability is a key component of Rurban Nest. Building materials and components were chosen that best fulfilled sustainable architecture criteria, with attention paid to such issues as embodied energy, toxicity, environmental impact, durability and recyclability.

We promote green living that help to conserve energy and also prevent air, water and noise pollution.

Rurban Nest exist solely to reinvent unique experiences and provide you with a life of responsible comfort and luxury. Designed by the Organo Team, the farm villas are built to foster quintessential living right in the heart of the beautiful natural farmlands of Nizamabad.

“With the kind of track record Organo has in creating organic living spaces, nobody could have done a better job of creating our homes! We are excited to be a part of Organo initiative and so, we collaborated with them to co-create a healthy sustainable eco-habitat.”
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